Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter breaks and holiday longing...

Did you have a great Easter break? To be honest all the plans I had (mostly garden related jobs) went out of the window. The culprit …. Our glorious  English weather. So, I decided as an antidote to the dreary rain  to get the holiday brochures out and book the summer holiday. (Well, that would make everything better!!)

However, where to go?   

I remembered seeing a great CD cover on our website and thinking at the time just how bright and cheerful it looked. So I had a browse on our site and came across a great Flamenco recording  so distinctive a sound and I instantly thought of warm summer evenings with the sound of the crickets outside and watching the dancers and listening to the musicians ‘til the ‘wee small hours’ sipping sangria …. Wonderful! (Tracks 9 and 11 are my particular favourites)

My dear OH however quite fancied France this year and was taken with the idea of visiting Paris (one day we will see the whole of what the Louvre has to offer). Perhaps this time I could be persuaded to take a trip to the top of the Eiffel tower (I have no head for heights I’m afraid) Here the Saydisc album, French Accordian Music just made me dream of the fabulous cafes and bistro’s and many happy hours visiting the flea-market. Perhaps Paris then?

Still undecided and flicking through the brochure – Ah Greece caught my eye and so did Zorba's Dance  from Gift of Music's 'Greek Taverna'.  Now this track just has to be the quintessential Greek track recognisable by everyone and I defy anyone to not get caught up in this track and  not feel like dancing to this…. Yes,I think I’ve decided, a nice Greek holiday.  I like to idea of the hot sun, cool sea and at night all the wonderful tavernas  to explore (yes there is a theme developing here – you are quite right food and drink is rather an obsession of mine!!)  I think I’ll download these tracks onto my MP3 and whenever the rain and gloom threatens then I’ll be transported away to sunnier climes!

So have you decided where you are going on your summer holiday this year? Where will you be headed? Morocco, Italy or perhaps somewhere further afield such as China or Africa?

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  1. I did this excercise one day on a very hot day here in Australia, & U know what happened to this blind, disabled oldie? I ended up @ Nord Kapp doing the round trip up & down the Norwegian coast! Also of note was a solitary walk from the top of Unst [Shetlands] & oh yes Aran off the coast of Galway!! The memorable music en route I hear U ask? The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in both Bristol & London AND The Sixteen in Norwich Cathederal! Of course there was also all the wonderful music I carry with me when travelling - about 64 gigabytes on my VRS!! Ah what fantastic memories! I could also invite U 2 C a few of the 8,500 photos I took!!!


    It's OK, I don't really expect U 2 to do so!!

    Thanks for your blogs, your newsletters, your website, but more especially all the fantastic music U offer us all.