Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tonight's Prom - Steve Reich

The prom tonight at 10.15pm features the works of composer Steve Reich who will be celebrating his 75th birthday later this year. The performance will include several of his most noteable works such as Clapping Music, which has been recorded by several of the labels here on the Classical Shop. ARTS feature this work on their album AB 7624, signum on SIG 050 and the CORO label on CO 6031.

If you particularly enjoy the Electric Counterpoint we have two recordings of this piece, again, on the Signum label SIG 143 and the BIS label BIS 5019 - both are available for download on the Classical Shop. If you would like to explore more of his works then you will find a recent recording on the Chandos label, which the composer himself described as 'Incisive, focused and intense, this recording of the Three Movements is the best I have ever heard. The Desert Music is full, rich, yet full of detail. Kristian Järvi, the Tonkünstler-Orchester, and Sine Nomine  perform with a relaxed rhythmic precision that fits the music. Bravo and thanks to all". So with that it would seem a visit to the Classical Shop site and this particular album is a real must!

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